Year 2

Spring 1

Happy New Year and welcome back!

Please continue to read daily with your child  and record this in the Reading Record. The children can also read other material or books not only the book provided by school. Each school book must be read twice and this recorded both times in the Record before we will change it. Below are some tips for reading with children and how to assess their comprehension skills. 

Spellings will be stuck in homework books each Friday ready for a test the following Friday. 

As ever, if you have queries please speak to me on the gate or email me before 6pm any weekday. 
Mrs Pike

*Homework set on 7th January 2022. 

I fully appreciate that the questions are much more challenging this week and I did explain to the children that I was aware that they would find some of them tricky and that I just wanted them to have a go; it does not matter if they do not get them all correct. The questions incorporate money, adding of multiple numbers, in parts their times tables and also multi-step problems. If it is too difficult then please leave the questions as I will go over them all in class on Friday anyway. 


  • Bonds to 10 An online game to practise number bonds to 10