Year 2

We would like to have fun this year but, we also know we have lots of work to do. A lot of things have changed regarding communication but, we are still here!

We will find a way to get in touch and discuss any issues. The best way at the moment is via school ParentMail or the admin email and the office will either reply to you or forward it to us.

Please feel free to ask any questions regarding our class. I hope we will all have an amazing time in year 2.

Yours sincerely, Mrs Maris

We started this term with a FUN DAY! We had Mr Peter Daniel and his colleague to deliver a very visual and interesting session on World War I and relating it all to the local history.

We learnt about the gun factory in Crayford, the plane factory and all the local statues so when you next go past the statues in Crayford ask them about it. 

Children have enjoyed this tremendously and were so engaged. I am very proud of the questions they asked and their interest in local history and how happy they were to share whatever information they have about the WWI.

We have weekly Spelling lessons and every Monday children will be tested in class before new words are given out. 

Please remember that year 2 have PE every week on Tuesday and Thursday and remember to send them in their PE kit: red shorts and white T-shirt and if the weather is colder they can have a tracksuit on top.



  • Bonds to 10 An online game to practise number bonds to 10
  • Bonds to 20 An online game to practise number bonds to 20