Year 1

It is lovely to see all the children back at school! I am delighted and very grateful for your children’s work during lockdown and I will post lots of pictures of the lovely creations and experiments so we can share them and celebrate their learning together.

I am eager to watch them develop in their learning and understanding further when back at school.

I am committed to providing experiences to help them grow into happy and successful learners in a safe and welcoming environment.

Mrs A Roach

Our Wonderful World

I see yellow flowers

Spiky plants

Red round berries

Brown mud

Twiggly crunchy sticks on the ground

And leaves- dark green, light green, brown, some have holes in

Some look like hearts

Leaves of different shapes and sizes landing on the ground in the autumn

Big giant leaves blowing in the wind

And trees waving…….


And I think to myself

“What a wonderful world”


I see stripy bugs black and yellow, with a sharp tail

Blackbirds swooping down

I see wood with holes and homes for animals inside

A feather from a baby pigeon

I hear birds tweeting

The birds singing happy songs bees buzzing around talking

The wind blowing…….


And I think to myself

“What a wonderful world”


I see the clouds a bit grey

I see the yellow hot sun shining

The sun is coming out to play

I hear my friends…..


And I think to myself

“What a wonderful world”


Written by Year 1 at St Paulinus School,  September 2020, Based on Louis Armstrong’s, Wonderful World


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